2 Years

In March of 2016, Andy and I each decided to focus on Bottle. At the time, I was visiting San Francisco and Andy was working on a company in Atlanta. We had a functioning prototype and 1 customer.

A lot has changed in two years.

We've collectively lived in three cities - Atlanta, Nashville, and Chicago.

We've visited and worked out of eight different Industrious locations.

We now count clients in over 20 different states.

And last month, April of 2018, we grew more than any other month before it.

We also decided that now is the time to start sharing more about our journey and our customers' journeys.

Here is a picture of the Chicago skyline. It's the view from the Fulton Market Industrious, where we worked today as we were both in Chicago. It's a fun place to work from, especially since when we're together we get to handle client requests and phone calls together in person. And hopefully, we'll be doing more of that in Year 3 than ever before.