Changes to Delivery Options at checkout

In addition to the new look, we’ve added more information to the Delivery Options screen:

  1. The fulfillment day is now listed underneath the name of the option, to help customers know when the order would arrive.
  2. The address of the delivery option is listed underneath the fulfillment day.
  3. Each delivery option is broken into its category of “Shipping”, “Delivery” or “Pickup”.

As a result of these changes, you no longer need to include the delivery type or the delivery day in the title of the delivery option. We recommend leaving only the name of the delivery option in the title.

For example:

  • “Wednesday Home Delivery” should become “Home Delivery”
  • “Saturday Shipping” should become “Shipping”
  • “Pickup: CrossFit Gym” should become “Crossfit Gym”

As always, let us know if you need any help by getting in touch at