New Subscription Option: Choose where to embed the order link in the reminders

In this example, the order’s link will be inserted at the beginning of the text instead of at the end!

Are customers complaining that their order link is getting cut in half by the carriers when delivered via SMS?

Now, you can choose to insert the order link at the beginning (or in the middle) of the automatic reminders that go out!

Bottle will automatically include the order link at the end of the reminder messages. But, if you put {{{}}} in the reminder language box, Bottle will insert it where you’ve put {{{}}} and won’t append it at the end.

So, if you’d like to put the {{{}}} at the front of the message, just start the message off with {{{}}} and then include whatever language you’d like. This should reduce how often customers complain about their order links being cut in half!

You can also use replacement variables other than {{{}}} in the reminder boxes. For a list of replacement variables available to you, check out this article:

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