Redesign Updates: Max two columns, locked product width, images as squares, and more!

We hope you had a fantastic Fourth of July week last week! We’ve listened to your feedback and an initial wave of redesign improvements is now live. These include:

  • Locking the number of columns at two columns
  • Not allowing full-width products on desktop
  • Bolder section headers
  • Dietary options for each product always visible
  • A preview of the product description before expanding to show more
  • Mouse-over brand colors on each dietary option
  • A more clear “checkout” box for payment options on the confirmation screen
  • All product images are now square – always – on both mobile and desktop

Some other updates coming in the next week:

  • A refreshed “Customer Account” page with better messaging on open orders, past orders, and referral codes
  • A wider-width brand logo for customers who want a larger logo in the top header
  • And more!

Please keep sending your feedback our way. We want to make these checkout pages as beautiful for your brand and your customers as possible.

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