Launching a Segment Integration (Beta): Sync all of your tracking and advertising data in one place


We (thanks to Segment) just made tracking ad conversion rates and efficacy much easier!

If you’ve heard of Segment, you know that they’re able to ingress all of your data (think all the Google Tag Manager and Facebook Pixel integrations you manually drop in) and aggregate them in one place.

After you’ve got data flowing into Segment, you can turn on and off different integrations.

The good news is that Bottle has been working on a Segment integration! This is a twofold integration.

First, there is the frontend integration (think replacements for Google and Facebook ad trackers) that will allow you to replace a bunch of integrations with one.

Second, Bottle is going a level deeper and sending actions that occur on the backend to Segment. Things like new orders, new filled cart, new purchase, new message, etc., are all synced to Segment.

This way, you’re able to send data about your customers to a host of different resources.

This feature is in private beta. If you’d like early access, let us know and we can help you get set up!

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