Paul Graham on advertising

Hypothesis: Before the internet, you could build businesses on advertising in a way that you can’t now, because now the platforms evolve to eat your margins.


Facebook, Instagram, and Google are the gatekeepers of your audience today. On one hand, it’s amazing how you can target specific audiences and advertise to them.

However, your target audience is also being targeted by Casper and BlueApron and Away. Your audience is sifting through content being posted by dozens of different influencers, they’re subconsciously filtering out sponsored posts, they’re getting follow-up emails from Delta and Priceline, they’re getting Apple News alerts popping up on their phones, not to mention the miles and miles of Instagram and Twitter and Facebook feeds they’re scrolling through every hour.

The slice of attention you’re competing for is getting narrower and narrower. With more scarcity comes higher prices. This is why Instagram is evolving in a way that makes it more expensive to acquire and retain customers than ever before.

Building an audience and developing relationships directly with customers helps. We at Bottle want to help you nurture and grow relationships outside of the walled Facebook and Instagram gardens. Otherwise, they’ll keep eating away at your margins.

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