A Great Marketing Email

The other day a marketing email hit my inbox that really caught my attention. It was from Kelly Starett, the founder of Mobility WOD, a website for athletes that helps them prevent injury and feel great.

I’ve been a fan of Kelly’s since he first started posting YouTube videos back in 2009 (back then it was “The Mobility Project”). He’s my go-to guy whenever I have any injuries while training. 

Anyways, last week he sent out an email that I loved. It had all the makings of solid content: an eye catching headline, an element of scarcity, a gift for the recipient, a risk free offer and relevant, interesting, and funny content.  Here are a few of the elements that I found appealing.

A Surprising Headline: ‘I Shut Down Mobility WOD’

I was surprised when I saw this headline since Mobility WOD is a very well-known, successful brand. At first, I thought, “well maybe he wants to just focus on other projects?”.

When I started reading the email, I realized that he isn’t “shutting down” Mobility WOD, but rather rebranding to a new name, The Ready State. A catchy headline with some shock value led me to open the email.

A Unique Opportunity: ‘Keep reading to see how you can get a free mobility ball and join an intimate, members-only video chat with me.’

The goal of the email was to get me to sign up fora membership to the new site. As part of this effort, Starett offered the first 200 signups a free mobility ball and access to a members only video chat.  

This created a sense of scarcity. Rather than thinking, “I’ll get to that later,” I decided to sign up for an account and try the new site. Unfortunately, I was too late to get the ball, bummer. 

The Big Offer: ‘So sign up for a 100% free, 14-day trial of Virtual Mobility Coach now’.

They’re using the free trial as a hook, and it works. I signed up for a trial – tbd on if I’ll becoming a paying customer. But the key was getting me to pay attention in the first place and I think this email did a great job.

Closing with Humor: Make sure you check out our EPIC behind-the-scenes launch video.

Kelly is an entertaining, funny guy. It’s a key ingredient to his success. He makes mobility fun. He closed out the email to this video that definitely captures his quirky style.