Creating Holiday and Catering Menus on Bottle

As the holidays approach, many of our customers will consider adding special items to their menu or creating entirely new menus altogether to accommodate holiday catering. Given Bottle’s flexibility, there are several ways to create special menus during the holiday season. Here are a few tips as you think about creating a holiday menu. 

Create A Holiday Menu With A Specific Ordering Deadline

Let’s say you’re allowing customers to order meals for Thanksgiving and the last day to order is the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. In scenarios like this one, we suggest creating a new plan with a specific cutoff date. This allows you to take orders consistently up until the order cutoff. 

Here are a few steps for setting up a holiday menu:

1. You are going to want to create a new subscription here. Before doing that, we would recommend creating a new category on your menu page and adding the special products to that category. Make sure all of these products are available. For example, you may want to create a category called “Thanksgiving Main Dishes” and add Turkey to that category.

2. Next, create that new subscription. Make sure to add that new category to this subscription in the “Customer Choices” section. Learn more about setting up subscriptions here.

3. Now, you’ll want to scroll to the bottom and enter your cutoff time. You will want to hard code this cutoff. So for example, if you want the cutoff to be the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, you will enter  “Tuesday, November 26th at 5pm”. You will also want to hard code the fulfillment day.

4. If you’d like to send customers a notification reminding them to order for the special menu, we suggest doing that via a scheduled message. 

5. Lastly, we would recommend setting up a separate delivery option that is only eligible for this specific plan.

Offer Holiday Items Each Week

Of course, you may want to add items to your weekly menu. If this is the case, you’ll want to create a new category, add the special menu items to the category, and then add that category to your current plans. 

You can read more about how to add categories to plans here

Taking Time Off For The Holidays?

After a year of hard work, you’re probably planning to take a week or two off as you prepare for the New Year rush. There are several options for pausing your plans while you are not preparing food. You can read about how to pause plans and take a break here

We love the holiday season at Bottle. It offers time to reflect, recharge and prepare for the busyness of the New Year! As always, don’t hesitate to email or let us know on Instagram how you’re planning to spend your holidays.