How GoGo Inflight Uses Text Support For Customer Happiness

Late last year, I decided to join Meredith on a trip to New York for her company’s holiday party. I love NYC in December. The holiday vibes and the energy in the city are unmatched. So this trip was a chance to celebrate with the Arta team and see many old friends and colleagues from our days living in New York.

I was booked on a mid-morning flight, with the hopes of doing a bit of work on the short trip. I enjoy working on flights. And the fact that the wifi is so powerful at 30,000 feet is a marvel of technology all its own. I typically buy wifi ahead of time, saving a few bucks and time getting online.

Delta does a nice job of offering Trip Extras, but their app gave me tons of trouble when trying to grab a wifi pass. After a few tries on my phone, I finally gave up. It was unclear whether I had made a purchase or not and I was dreading having to deal with support to figure this out.

And here is where it gets interesting. Well, interesting if you spend your days thinking about how messaging and sms can improve customer experiences. On the GoGo Air support site, there are several options – you can chat, call, email or text. I definitely didn’t want to deal with email or calling. It was 8:30, I had an early morning flight the next day, and I was running around packing.

I opted for the text support option and had an amazing, asynchronous conversation – much like texting with a friend. I chatted with the support agent and between replies I put the phone down, packed and then a few minutes later come back to the conversation. The issue was resolved so painlessly and easily, I left thinking “every company should be doing this”.

Most of the time, when technology fails us there is a ton of mental inertia to resolve the issue. I’m usually thinking, “ugh, I now need to email or call this company, deal with the back and forth, wait for them to respond, so on and so forth”.

I walked away with a quick resolution that fit seamlessly into my day and was actually a pleasant experience. It’s when I have these types of moments using messaging I realize the power of messaging for its ease and painlessness.