Will and I have doubled down recently on our messaging. How should we talk about Bottle? What messages and themes will resonate with our customers and potential customers? We’ve made a lot of progress and feel like the narrative is coming together.

As part of our focus on messaging, we are both in agreement that we need to publish more content. I tend to take the more traditional view when it comes to content. Stick to the basics. Tell the story you think your customers want to hear. Provide playbooks, resources, case studies and perfectly curated content to answer every question a potential customer could have. Basically, I want to make sure our content is blatantly useful.

Honestly that type of content is boring unless very well executed. My guess is that at Bottle we’ll need tactical guides, resources and case studies to share our message. But we also owe it to ourselves to push for more. We’ve built a successful, bootstrapped business over the past four years and have a lot to say.

I’m eager to share our story - the how and why we’re building Bottle. But I also have hesitations. Will I sound stupid? Will the messages we post and the stories we share be relevant?

I’ve tried blogging a few times in the past. I’ve also tried engaging on Twitter. The times I tried to engage were either met with silence or some jeering from friends. And honestly the online criticism sucked. It turned me off from wanting to share thoughts online.

Will has been pushing me to be more vulnerable. That we owe it to ourselves to write more. To share more and open up. So I’m excited to give it a try.
I hope what we write here is helpful, genuine and honest. I’m excited that we’ve dedicated a space to share our thoughts and insights about pretty much everything.