On our second episode of Free Refills we talk about wide ranging topics. We name the podcast, talk about Sam Harris on Having No Head, Paul Buchheit's writing, I Am Nothing, and review our marketing progress.

Show notes:  

00:00:05 - Quick discussion of geolocation software for blogging.  Would it be possible to have a map and locations while filming a podcast on Zoom?  

00:01:36: Naming the podcast, Free Refills!  

00:01:36: RageChill - Will's app that blew up on StumbleUpon and Reddit. We discuss Will's idea for creating a StumbleUpon for blog posts that you might like to discover.  

From Will:  I wish there was a way to discover meaningful blog posts like this one. Like StumbleUpon. (Which is how RageChill first blew up back in 2012). I'm thinking about making a mini tool to randomly discover interesting posts.  

00:07:43: We talk about a blog post Andy found interesting, https://www.deepsouthventures.com/i-sell-onions-on-the-internet/  

00:10:59: We discuss Paul Graham's recent essay, Being a Noob: http://www.paulgraham.com/noob.html  

00:14:03: We discuss Paul Bucheit's blog post, I am nothing: http://paulbuchheit.blogspot.com/2011/08/i-am-nothing.html  

00:16:30: Andy talks about the concept of having no head: https://www.amazon.com/Having-No-Head-Douglas-Harding-ebook/dp/B0087EHHWK/  

00:24:00: The Joe Rogan and Bernie Sanders debacle. https://www.cnn.com/2020/01/24/politics/bernie-sanders-joe-rogan-endorsement/index.html  

00:26:41: Meredith's favorite social media site is Instagram. When Andy asked her why not Twitter, she said "because that is where everyone goes to complain". Instagram, on the other hand, is where everyone goes to brag...  

00:27:15: The irony of Boris Johnson.  

00:29:55: We talk about the progress we made during our first week of focused content creation. Launched our blog! We have done a good job of committing to create content. Held to our promise to chat quickly each morning to tackle one marketing item for the day. Leaning in to starting to tell our story.  

00:31:14: The flywheel effect of writing and getting content out.  

00:35:00: Andy's starting the day with journaling and enjoying 750words.com.  

00:38:22: We discuss Andy's blog post about bread.