On this episode of Free Refills we talk about what it's like to work remotely, the tools we use to manage our work, the challenges and joys of remote work.

00:30:00: Introductions - Will, Me and Chelsea.

00:03:01: Would remote workers want a videoconference version of Lunchclub? Basically you'd get a virtual coffee with relevant people professionally.

00:09:47: What are some of the biggest challenges of being remote?

00:11:31: Chelsea's challenges. She was in Germany and the time change was a challenge. Living in a different country and not having a team with you can hinder building a community. Now that she's in San Antonio, adjusted to a new schedule.

00:20:14: The difference between an introvert and extrovert.

00:23:01: Chelsea tried Bumble BFF.  Discussion of how you build a community when you're a remote worker.

00:30:44: Why are some of your closest friends from college?

00:33:42: Andy's challenges while working remotely.

00:37:42: What drive friendships at work? Are the close bonds formed at work a function of age? i.e. the younger you are, the more likely you are to make close friends at work.

00:42:11: The benefits of working remotely. One of the best things is the freedom of thought and time (Andy).

00:43:42: Being able to travel and have seen 22 different countries. This is not possible without working remotely. Flexibility of working at home can be nice. (Chelsea)

00:46:11: Challenge can be to switch off when there are no boundaries. Flexibility of doing work with meaning vs. an optics and FaceTime culture.

00:49:03: It can be very challenging to live the Digital Nomad culture. Connectivity and finding place to work. Will's Not Pictured blog post

00:51:37: Some of the tools and practices we use to manage working at a remote culture:

  • Basecamp to help us stay organized and run our business.
  • BottleCooler - a channel in Bottle for team chats since we don't use Slack.
  • Bottle Hangouts: our team call where we just chat and talk about whatever is on our mind. We don't chat about work on the Bottle Hangouts.
  • Daily automated questions on basecamp "New location on earth? When are you working today?" The answers are fun and give some context about our plan for the day.

00:57:47: Instagram for remote teams to help with team bonding.