Whether you farm and sell seasonal produce, keep honey bees and sling jars, or vend locally made cheese or freshly picked flowers, all farmers market vendors have something in common: customers. You show up week after week to get face time with your regulars, let them know what’s new or coming up, and make meaningful sales.

Your market presence will always be an integral part of your business and your brand, but what’s stopping you from expanding these interactions outside of that environment? The purpose of Bottle is to empower local food and beverage businesses to deepen customer relationships and increase regular revenue while automating sales and saving time. Our app lets you easily manage and grow pickups and deliveries by texting with customers, sending ordering links, creating discount and referral codes, and more.

You can use Bottle to power a weekly CSA home delivery program, to allow your regulars to restock outside of market hours, or to tout exclusive deals to clients that buy in bulk.

Imagine this: instead of waiting for your customers to approach your stand, text them ahead of time to let them know what specials you’ll have. That way, they can be sure to make time to stop by or preorder on the spot via a one-click ordering link, for pick up later.

Are you a bakery that’s bringing pieces of your sourdough starter, or a farmer that just harvested the first of the season’s asparagus? A personal text to your list of regulars goes a long way to build friendly rapport and generate increased sales.

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🌱Green Market Updates 🌱 Our market team has been working tirelessly to maintain high cleanliness standards. We are adhering to all GrowNYC regulations for city farmers’ markets as they are presented, with a full commitment to offering the safest shopping experience we can to our customers. All product offered is now precut or prepackaged, with no cut to order or bulk options available. Please note that we are now offering a new “pre-order” option for all regularly available products. Our product and price list can be found on our website. Please download the ordering form found in our bio and email it back to us at marketpickup@hawthornevalley.org. These orders will then be packed for swift pick up at the market. All orders should be picked within the times specified on the order form. Add-ons can be made at the time of pickup (produce, etc). Payment will be taken at the market. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ We are continuing to produce as much high-quality food as the demand calls for. This means we are still milking the cows twice a day to make our full line of dairy products. We are still baking sourdough breads and a full selection of pastries. We are still fermenting vegetables. We are still planting seeds in our greenhouses and in our fields. We are here and will continue to produce quality products to deliver nutrient-rich foods to everyone that needs it. #hawthornevalleyfarm #hawthornevalleygreenmarkets

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Here’s a high-level overview of what Bottle can do:

  • Two-way SMS –> Send and receive texts from your customers, inclusive of automatic nudges to increase reorders
  • Pre-ordering –> Let your regulars place orders in advance
  • Subscriptions and one-time orders –> Offer customers the option to order a la carte or sign up for a recurring subscription
  • Auto deadlines –> Enable cut off times so that orders only occur within a specific timeframe
  • Fulfillment reminders –> So customers know when it’s time to order, where to pick up, or when to expect delivery
  • Menu management –> Weekly planning made simple
  • Order reports –> Receive regular summaries of your total sales, by item and for each order
  • Packing PDFs –> One-pagers to include with deliveries or ensure complete orders beforehand
  • Interactive dashboard –> Where you can easily view and modify orders
  • Loyalty –> Send referral and discount codes directly from the app